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Batterer Intervention Program

About the BIP (Batterer Intervention Program)

Most clients attend because of a court order. The BIP is a 24 to 26 weeks domestic violence program designed to intervene in one’s life to stop the violence between intimate partners. To enroll, one would pay $15, and the staff would contact them to introduce them to the program and create a group assignment. 

Co-Parenting Course (english)

About the Co-Parenting Course

This program is designed for separating or divorcing parents. Parents will learn how to raise their children without conflict. Although the parents may be separated, the child needs to feel that he/she is not separated from them.

The parents learn how to work together as business parents for the sake of the child. The parents learn how to work with the significant other in the life of the other parent. You may complete this course online for $35 or at the office with three or more parents for $60 each. This is a four-hour program.

Note: To complete this course and to receive your certificate you will be asked to provide (upload) legal state identification for verification processes. By submitting your legal identification you are granting us consent to use this information for the purpose of verifying your identity. Your information is not shared with any 3rd parties unless the law requires it.
You will not receive a certificate unless we receive a form of legal identification.

Disclaimer: The legal component of the parenting course shall provide general Florida family law principles. The presentation of this material is not intended to constitute legal advice and the course material must direct the participant to consult with a licensed attorney for answers to specific legal questions.

Anger Management Course

About the Anger Management Course

This course is a 12 hours program designed to teach one how to manage anger and stop the violence. The total cost of the program is $180 or $15 per session. The enrollment fee is $15 and will be credited toward your first session. After you enroll, the staff will contact to assign you to a group.

Substance Abuse 

About the Substance Abuse Group

This is a therapist group. The enrollment fee is $15. After you are enrolled, the staff will contact you to assign you to a group. There are 12 sessions, $20 each, and one individual session ($30). If the court requests a formal assessment, the fee is $100.

About the Substance Abuse Individual Counseling

This individualized counseling session, $60 per session. The client can be enrolled by paying $15. After you register, you will be contacted by staff to scheduled appointments. If an assessment is required, the cost will be $100.

About the DUI Counseling

To enroll, the client must obtain a referral from the DUI School. The enrollment fee is $3l.50, which is credited toward an initial evaluation. If the client is recommended for counseling (brief therapy – 1 to 10 sessions), he/she will have the option to select the best time to schedule treatment and pay $60 per session. Weekend or after-hours appointments are $150 per session).

Sexual Offender

About the Adult Sexual Offender Course/Evaluation

Referral only by the Probation Officer or Case Worker. The client should call the office for his/her initial psychosexual evaluation.

About the Youth Sexual Offender Course/Evaluation

Referral only by the Probation Officer or Case Worker. The client should call the office for his/her initial psychosexual evaluation.

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I've been going to Therapy 1 for right shoulder pain, and Josh has been really great in helping me! I've learned so much from him about my back that I did not know. Everyone there is so nice and polite. By about my second or third visit the receptionist, Ms. Susan, knew my name. I would definitely recommend Therapy 1 to anyone.

Bri S.

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